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Established in 1989 SMI have the experience and expertise to guide and support our customers through each software implementation. We don't just provide the software, we work together with our customers to ensure all the aspects of each project is covered, including Consultancy, Change Policies, Union discussions, Contract Negotiations/Changes, Training, Documentation, Staff Consultation.

SMI's software is reliable and adaptable, being configured to suit your existing requirements, whilst allowing you to customise our software when change demands (quickly and easily).

Our solutions are designed to save time, make labour intensive duties more efficient whilst streamlining current manual processes, saving both time and money whilst forcing efficiencies. Being browser based, means that our software can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

SMI have also partnered with LivePay, renowned experts in the field of Payroll Bureau, allowing Staff.Care to interface directly with their payroll solution, enhancing the whole Staff.Care experience.

The efficiencies delivered by SMI means the return on your initial investment is normally realised within the first 12 months.

Buying our software couldn't be easier either. SMI customers can choose a Purchased Solution, housing the software on internal servers or alternatively SMI can provide a Fully Managed Hosted Service, which is the popular choice for most customers.

    "At SMI we are proud of our reputation for delivering projects on time, to budget and adhering to user requirements. Our mission is to deliver a value for money service for your organisation."

    Michael O'Brien, Managing Director, SMI
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