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“The Local Health Board called me very apologetically at 9.30 yesterday morning to request full MDS information for the year to date and the post codes of all patients currently in our care. They wanted the information by 5pm. I was able to generate and email the information within 5 minutes of putting the phone down. They were very impressed!”

Care from SMI is the UK’s leading Palliative Care Patient Information Management Solution, preferred by Hospices and Hospitals alike. iCare is designed to structure and manage all patient clinical information whilst streamlining all essential administration duties. All current paper forms such as Referral Forms, can be built using Smart Forms which collates the data allowing quick and simple reporting capabilities.

Designed for use as a day-to-day tool to provide rapid access to patient’s clerical and medical details, the main objective of iCare is to increase the staff/patient contact time and to reduce the time spent on administrative duties. The system can be easily configured to meet the specific requirements of your organisation to which Information can then be analysed and reported as you require for further data manipulation with standard interfaces to Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF for greater flexibility.

Because iCare is browser based, with only an internet connection your data can be accessed securely from anywhere such as the patients home for staff working in the community.

iCare also provides instant reporting capabilities for external reporting such as the MDS, providing the annual minimum data set at the click of a button.

Patient Information Solution
The LEADING software choice for Palliative Care in the UK.

Minimum Data Set
Automatic data collection for the Annual MDS Return, fully compliant with the NCPC specification, available with a click of mouse.

Drug Information Module
Provides the ability to reference every drug available within the UK. Updated monthly, it allows you to check indications and contraindications quickly and easily.

Clinical Dashboards
Outstanding graphical information providing complete patient history, ideal for MDT Meetings.

Lymphoedema Calculation
All included within iCare at no additional cost

Advanced Management Reporting
Instant reporting covering every aspect of patient care.

Multiple Services
Allows you to identify the various services you provide for independent reporting and security access amongst staff.

Smart Forms
Our most popular feature for customers wishing to go Paper Light! All existing paper-based forms can be electronically completed and stored including Referral Forms.

For Clinical Bookings and Patient Appointments, combining efficiently your patient needs with your staff availability.

www. Access
iCare is completely web browser based, allowing personnel to access iCare remotely from p.c.’s, tablets and mobile phones.

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