iPlanner Scheduling For all Patient Bookings
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  • Application: iPlanner
  • From: SMI
  • For: The Management of Patient Bookings.

Planner Scheduling from SMI is a booking system which links Patient Information to Staff eRostering.

The management of patient bookings, be they individual patient scheduling specific or into a clinic is a time consuming and complex business. iPlanner Scheduling solves this by bringing together the organisational requirements with the patient needs whilst linking to the staff rotas. Staff.Care manages all the complexities of scheduling and eRostering seamlessly with one interface which allows managers to see the whole picture to proivde the efficient scheduling and rostering of staff.

iPlanner Scheduling is browser based too, therefore access is available anywhere from any device with an internet connection.

Patient Acuity
Match patient’s needs to appropriate staff skill sets, based on staff experience and their specific training.

Diary Logging
Manage rolling caseload when planning future bookings with simple diary entry flags on daily workload.

Lone Worker Tracking
Monitor lone workers on arrival and departure to and from the patient’s home flagging alerts where necessary.

Determine individual slot allocation for attendee numbers or schedule groups of modular based clinics tracking the incremental courses each patient has attended.

Respite Care
Manage bed allocation bookings for all of your planned respite patients.

Room Bookings
This feature can also be used to organise other in-house room bookings/meetings for your organisation.

Activity Reconciliation
Automatically insert activity entries into the patient’s record for visits and clinics once the booking entry has elapsed.

Home Care
Quick and efficient Workforce Scheduling linked directly with the rotas to ensure the correct staffing skills are matched with the specific patient care required..

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